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Designing Responsive Websites And Clarissa Peterson

Posted on: September 2nd, 2014 by Borislav Kiprin No Comments

Following on from our interview with Paul Rissen, we got the chance to ask Clarissa Peterson a few questions about her practical workshop: Designing Responsive Websites. This sounds like a great introduction to ‘thinking responsively’, with a lot of practical take-aways.

Here’s what Clarissa had to say about her workshop:

1. What is responsive design?

Responsive web design is a way to design websites that respond to the size of the user’s device, and display an appropriate layout for that screen size — but all with one set of code, not separate mobile and desktop websites.

2. Why should a UXer be interested; surely it is all about front-end coding?

As with any website, the experience needs to be designed first. A UXer needs to understand how responsive sites work in order to design an experience that will then be implemented in code. This workshop will go over the basics of responsive web design, as well as how to start using a responsive workflow with your team.

3. If an participant’s boss asked them to justify attending your workshop over another, how would you answer them?

Responsive web design is the most effective way to create websites that work well and look good across the wide range of device types and sizes that are now available. If you aren’t already designing responsive websites, this is your opportunity to take the leap and get started. Whether or not you “know how to code,” this workshop will teach you how responsive design works — both the responsive experience, and also the technical bits that make it happen. You’ll walk away with an understanding of all the steps of creating a responsive design, and what you need to do to make sure a website provides a good user experience on any device.

You can learn more about Clarissa’s session and see the full schedule of workshops we’ll be running at this year’s conference over in the Workshops section. Keep an eye out for more interviews over the coming weeks leading up to EuroIA 2014.

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